Are you a bookworm? Do you love reading fantasy novels? Then, we have come up with a perfect blog for you. Here, we will tell you about some of the best fantasy series you should read if you love gambling. These stories will give you a completely different perspective altogether. So, get ready to dive into the fantasy world of casinos.

Actual fantasy books can often be hard to find, but they can be a different way. There are plenty of fantasy books with casinos and gambling in them, and some are so addicting that you won’t be able to put them down. This blog post explores 7 of these casino fantasy book series.

The Biggest Bluff

Maria Konnikova’s book “The Biggest Bluff” takes an exciting turn for anyone who hasn’t experienced the game of poker. By utilizing her rhetorical techniques and psychological observations, she keeps you on your toes with every line. While there are many books written about poker, hers brings you closer to understanding the emotional aspect of the game. Her approach to poker is much like the emotional roller coaster it can be, not just in playing but in everyday life. She piques your interest with every word she writes and creates a sense of wonder and realization.

Fortune’s Formula

The Fortune Formula is a novel that allows you to find gambling strategies for anyone.

Fortune’s Formula will guide you in understanding these issues and show you exactly how to start making a fortune in the stock exchange. After finishing this book, you’ll be well-positioned to take advantage of the knowledge necessary to become wealthy investing in stock markets. You’ll be confused no more by complicated mathematic formulas and insider tips for becoming a savvy investor.

Bringing Down the House

It is based on the actual events of a college professor and his students who devised a strategy to win the casino house in Las Vegas over.

The M.I.T. Blackjack Team has left Vegas feeling a little less secure after the infamous College Card Counting scandal, where they won $10 million through Math Wizards with the white hat guy “Kevin Lewis,”

The Confidence Game

The Confidence Game is a book about the psychology of con artists and how they manipulate people. The author, Mariana Konnikova, is a psychologist and writer who wrote for The New Yorker, Scientific American, and other publications. The Confidence Game is an exciting read that will teach you about the psychology of con artists. It will also teach you how to avoid being manipulated by them.

Blood Aces

If you love fantasy books, then Blood Aces: The Wild Ride of Benny Binion, the Texas Gangster Who Created Vegas Poker by Doug J. Swanson will not disappoint.

For those who have always wanted to read a book about gangsters & their rise in the criminal world, it might be the best thing for you. The book is a masterpiece in terms of narrative, which means it is excellent at telling a story. It details everything you need to know about Benny Binion, his dealings with the law and poker, and how he helped create Las Vegas while remaining behind the scenes.


The bottom line is that not all of us can afford to visit and play at the Las Vegas, Macau, or Atlantic City casinos. Likewise, we may not be able to afford the plane tickets out of our hometowns, nor are we lucky enough to have a passport that allows us to travel internationally. So for those who like to gamble but don’t have access to a casino—or prefer reading about other people’s exploits in casinos—these books are ideal.