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The Last Christmas of Ebenezer Scrooge

“It’s a brave soul who writes a sequel to a universally-loved and –known book like A Christmas Carol; it’s a rarer man still who does a job as fine as Marvin Kaye of evoking Charles Dickens without imitating him, of extending a story that until now seemed resolved and delivering a tale which will delight, terrify and affect all readers.”
-- Kim Newman, author of “Andy Warhol’s Dracula.”

“ … intriguing and unusual. The treatment of the Jewish angle throws a sidelight on early C19th society and fictional representations of it at the time which is extremely interesting. I’m sure that readers will find it fascinating … a worthy endeavour with much that is thought-provoking.”
-- Charles Palliser, author of The Quincunx

“I was impressed and moved on many levels, not only by Marvin Kaye’s mastery of Dickensian style, but also by a kind of optimism or idealism far more consistent with Victorian Dickens/Kaye than purely contemporary Kaye. I can imagine Marvin really wrote it as Dickens might have wanted it to go.”
-- Paula Volsky, author of The Grand Ellipse

“This is a magical, indeed a miraculous, story. Here is the vision of the Afterline which Dickens did not address, but was the unanswered question at the end of his original tale. It is rare indeed when an author writes a sequel to some other author’s book and does not diminish both. It’s brilliant.”
-- Morgan Llywelyn, author of Lion of Ireland