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A kindlier Scrooge struggles to right the unresolved wrong hidden within Dickensís A Christmas Carol.

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Singer & c. to be published ... at last!

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please, please publish singer among the nightingales, the first two books I have read many times and have wondered how the two brothers will meet and what will happen.
G. Wilson

Hi Marv, I'm a voice from a past century, Len Carpenter. Back then you pitched me on the merits of Life Extension. At 70, I've found a solution that really works! I now see you're very viable at 80, so we should compare notes. I'm about to go public,, doing research.
After writing more Conan pulp than anybody, I'm still in the game, just finished my new novel Tropic of Cuba.

Dear Mr. Kaye,
My name is Angela McClaflin and I am the great niece of Loay H. Hall, he married my mother in law Quennetta Hall. I am writing to you on her behalf, please email me at at your earliest convenience.

Hi there. Huge, huge fan of Masters of Solitude. Itís literally one of my all time favorite books. Just finished my 3rd reathrough of it. Iíd been hesitant to get Wintermind because to my knowledge, the trilogy is incomplete and I honestly wasnít sure if Iíd be able to deal with the heartbreak of investing myself in a series that I wouldnít be able to see concluded... However, I finally pulled the trigger and am awaiting my copy of Wintermind as we speak. So as an avid fan Iíve gotta ask, is there ever going to be a chance that weíll get to read the 3rd book, A Singer Amongst Nightingales? I really canít express in words how much I loved Masters of Solitude or how excited I am to start the 2nd novel, and I think itíd be such a damn shame to never reach the final conclusion of everything... Anyways, love your writing:) Iím eagerly awaiting the arrival of the final book, if that wasnít apparent enough haha.

July 20, 2018

What is the status of Weird Tales? Will there ever be another issue?

Are you still involved with Weird Tales Magazine?

Any plans for it in the near future?

Hi Marvin--found a copy of My Son The Druggist at a hotel in Borrego Springs. read some and when I got home ordered a copy. Loved it! Great book and tremendously well-written. Thanks! Wally Marx, San Diego


Greetings, I read _The Masters of Solitude_ around time it was published and eagerly followed it up with _Wintermind_. It was both exciting and depressing to read on this message board that you completed the final book in the series, _Singer Among the Nightingales_. It's reported here that the book is to be published by Wildside Press, but I find no trace of it on their site. None of the comments appear to have a date, is this still something in progress?

Should Wildside drop the idea, I wonder if you might you consider releasing the book as an eBook through a site such as Bookbaby or Lulu? I know I would certainly be in line to buy a copy, and I'm sure there are others who agree.

Best regards and thank you for all the wonderful reads, Lorna Gusner in Portland, Oregon

Hi Marvin, I'm a sometime fantasy/horror writer. We've had contact about my story submissions (which however tended to be too long.) But once on the phone, you recommended Life Extension, so I now wonder, how's it working out for you? I've been on a self-designed program for 20 years, seemingly with good results. Your remark changed my life, and may have infinitely prolonged it! Thx,

Is weird tales ever going to honor their subscriptions? I paid for one and have received nothing?

Sir, I submitted a story for the Tesla/Cold themed issues. I understand that Weird Tales is closed for submissions at this time but I was wondering if stories for those themes are still being looked at? I apologize for using this medium to contact you but have not been successful trying other ways.

I am pulling out my hair (one at a time) trying to find an anthology of classic and literary supernatural NOVELLAS. Does they not exist? John/NZ

Hi, I just found a couple of Marvin Kaye's anthologies (13 Plays About Ghosts and the Supernatural, and the first 'Masterpieces...'

I am new to gaslight horror and gothic. I think it all began and ended with Stephen King. (I became disenchanted at an early age.)

Now I am charmed by the likes of Bierce, Onions, both James's, Aickman, Blackwood, de la Mare, etc. etc.

I am playing a little game I made up called, 'Dream TV series', in which I choose the stories that I'd like to see on television (intelligent, mature, supernatural dramas)

It occurs to me that novellas might offer the right length of plot and character to fill an hour program.

But it seems there a few if any novellas compiled me to fire my imagination. (Except those heavily anthologised 'Camillas', etc. out there.)

I wish there was a list or that someone would endeavour to collect and publish their faves in the line of supernatural, and weird, novellas.

Thanks for listening. John Coffman of New Zealand

After a wait of some thirty years, the final part of the "Masters of Solitude" trilogy will at last be published.

Wildside Press, which has published many of my books, plans to do an omnibus volume of the entire trilogy, including "The Masters of Solitude," "Wintermind," and
Singer Among the Nightingales."

Since Wildside is doing my next-most-recent novel this fall, the trilogy will probably appear next year. "Singer," which is the shortest of the three books, should not be read on its own; it depends on knowledge of events and characters in "Masters."

FYI, the novel coming this autumn is "The Passion of Frankenstein," which is a sequel to the Mary Shelley original. "Passion" is used in the Biblical sense, i. e., suffering.


Marvin Kaye is a craniosacral therapist, lymph drainage therapist, and a reiki master.

For details about craniosacral and lymph drainage modalities, see

To inquire about reiki, to schedule an appointment for therapy, or to be trained and attuned into first, second or third level reiki, send an e-mail via this website.



Click and type in a question or comment

Dear Mr. Kaye,
I have just found in a huge treasure pile of books the collection of Sherlock Holmes cases that you edited. I cannot tell you the delight I am experiencing, from the intro onward. Thank you so much for curating these wonderful renditions. I look forward to sharing with my other Holmes fans. I grew up around the corner from the original Mystery bookstore in the UWS. Ah, those were the days...Question: Do you still do reader's theatre? If so, I'd love to attend/participate. I'm also curious about your craniosacral work. Sounds like you have been living a full and rich life. Blessings ~

Mr. Kaye,

I had placed an order online for a Weird Tales subscription. Your company has never responded to me via Facebook, comment sections, emails, etc. Your business has taken my money and not delivered on its promise. I understand that this has happened to many people. I plan on a class action lawsuit unless this gets rectified. Call 401-316-6183.

I sat down today to write a heartfelt plea for you to finish Singers and in trying to find your email and Mr. Godwin's I have discovered both that it is finished and of his death. This is now a letter of condolence and of thanks. That view into out world changed my life. Not just allowing me to escape from the brutal life thrust upon me, but allowing me to see facets of people and understand their motivations. This has helped me to be able to forgive many things I had thought unforgivable and to help others. The work you did gave me the freedom of the wind on my face as I rode the moving sidewalks. I felt the metal lift the latch and knew the loathing of what had to be done. There was sorrow for me at the loss of what the world could have been and hope that the future could be better. Hope was the last thing in Pandora's box. This is believed by many to be there to offset the evil sent into the world. In the true story it is the greatest of all the evils because as long as we hope we take no action. I hoped for the third book as a child and therefor never found a way to contact you. I am old school and would have rather placed my thoughts on stiff paper sealed with wax and sent to whom I'm talking to. Our modern age has made this impossible. I am sorry I never got to write to Mr. Godwin and want to again express my condolences for your friend. Thank you for your work both in the past and Singer yet to be released.

Dear Mr Kaye,
I join the ranks of your many devoted fans of your anthologies. It started many years ago when I was in high school and happened to find Ghosts in a book store. After a few moves I happened to have lost it, but it was always in the back of my mind (haunting me, if you like) and I always hoped to find it again some day. Recently I was introduced to the wonders of ABEBooks and was overjoyed to find not only that one but many others that you've put together. So my replacement copy of Ghosts arrived last week, Forbidden Planets was in my mail box today when I got back from work and about 4 or 5 others are on their way! I'm delighted to learn that you've also written, and I'll be sure to add your own works to my library, and you will have your own shelf on my book case. Thanks for the many nights of lost sleep.
I read somewhere you've written a follow-up to Frankenstein which I would greatly love to read. Is there any news as to when that will be published?


Any idea when SINGER AMONG THE NIGHTINGALES will be available?? In any form?

Mr. Kaye,

I understand that Marjorie Daw is said not to exist, but then Alice Waythorn in my opinion does not exist either. It is too bad that 11 USC 55f will not work to avoid the other two, liens on the property that is. I feel sorry for my sylph.

John Accardi

Dear Marvin:

I hope this is not an inappropriate way to reach you, but I herd of Pete's death and wanted to reach out to you. I'm sure you remember me as Pete wrote Darker Places after he and I split up. I'm Cuffy. Pete and I stayed in touch, probably up to the time of his illness. I have been trying to find a way to find you and this is the best I could find. I would like to communicate with you. Thank you and as I say I hope this wasn't too wildly of the wall.

Dear Mr. Kaye,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful anthologies you have produced over the years. I currently have Ghosts, Devils.., Haunted America, Masterpieces..Supernatural, Masterpieces..Unknown, 13 Plays.., and Witches... They've kept me entertained (and slightly terrified!) ever since I was 13 (when I first got Masterpieces..Unknown). Your impeccable taste and great sense of organisation have made these anthologies some of the very best I have ever read, and I'm proud to recommend them to fellow fans of weird fiction. Thanks again for your hard work, and thanks for introducing me to a bunch of great stories I never would have known about otherwise!
Adam N.

Mr. Kaye,
Thanks for all the wonderful anthologies and writings that you have made. I am also thinking about taking an introduction to Reiki class this spring. I should have time as the dark rider finally appears to be approaching but remains in the distance.
Yours Truly,
John Accardi

Check item five:

Glad to hear that the book is done but sorry to hear of Mr. Godwin's passing. This is the first I've heard of it. You state that the book is in his agent's hands... any idea when it might be available? I hope it won't disappear, we've been waiting a LONG time. Is publication waiting on his estate to be settled?

Been a while since I checked in. Thrilled about the news of the completion of SINGER AMOUNG THE NIGHTINGALES! Read about it just after hearing the sad news of Mr. Godwin's passing. His fans (and yours of course) will be pleased to see the trilogy completed. Any idea on publication date?

Dear Mr. Kaye,

I was born in 1984. I found a copy of Wintermind for sale at my local library when I was like a sophomore in high school and decided I would buy it with what little money I had. Only after reading it did I discovery that it was the "middle" of a trilogy. I saved up my money and bought The Masters of Solitude as soon as I could. I was a book nerd, but these two books stirred something else in me: writing. They inspired me. Today, I not only consider the books to be my favorites, I also include them in my very short list of prose that first inspired me to become a writer and I have even lent out my precious copies to other writers when I think reading them might help in some way (at this current moment it is learning how to do dialogue, internal thoughts, and telepathy all in one piece - she says it is very helpful!). Recently, after talking about the books with another writer friend of mine, he went exploring and discovered that Singer Among The Nightingales had been written and shared the amazing news with me. I had long given up hope as both the previous books were written before I was born and I had first read them many, many years after that. I cannot thank you enough for, not only finishing this trilogy for the many, many fans I know it has, but also for writing such an incredible tale that became a favorite story of mine and helped me become the writer I am today. I may not have as many publications as you but I'm working hard to fix that! I also work at a publishing agency as the senior editor, helping others fulfill their writing dreams. I stopped at a small little cart with a little sign reading "Books for Sale" and found the one book -the one thing-, buried amongst the rest, that guided me to a dream I didn't even know I had. Thank you for your marvelous works and for being such an inspiration to me, keep up the great work and may you continue to inspire long into the future.

- Jennifer Koch

Dear Mr. Kaye,

I have long had in my possession your anthology, Haunted America, my very favorite of your wonderful collections. In this volume, in the bit of background information you gave for the Henderson Stark story, Dumb Supper, you quote this author as saying that, "the ladies of my neighborhood know all about dumb suppers, but none of them will ever admit to cooking them". I was curious as to where you read this quote? This sort of practice, a kind of divination, was found in Ireland (Yeats mentioned it in his writings) and in the Orkneys, but I was surprised to find out that it had reached the New World. I'd be grateful for any information, should you have time to answer this query.

Thank you!

Yours truly,

Brad Tabar

Mr. Kaye,
Thanks once again for saving the day. As you may know I have been invited once again to the Christmas Banquet.
Yours Truly,

Mr. Kaye,

Very happy to hear the third book is finished. I know it will be published one day and I look forward to reading it.

If you and Mr. Godwin hold the publishing rights to the first two books, a good option might be to go to Subterranean Press, a small press genre specialist, and rerelease the first two in conjunction with the third. Sub Press does high quality books and could possibly up their ante for the works through offering a signed edition of the books alongside a standard unsigned version.

Jim Hanlon

Dear devotees of "THE MASTERS OF SOLITUDE" and "WINTERMIND" -- yes, the final volume, "SINGER AMONG THE NIGHTINGALES," has at last been written!

It's now in the hands of Parke's agent.
Marvin Kaye

Dear Mr. Kaye,

I cannot tell you how delighted I am to read that you plan to publish the final book of the trilogy! Masters of Solitude and Wintermind say important things about solitude/community, technology/simplicity, intellect/emotions, religion/perversion of same, knowledge/wisdom to use it appropriately, power/use of power, so-called "primitivism"/atavism, and many other themes we should all be thinking about. When do you contemplate the publishing of Singer Among the Nightingales?


Judy Johnston

Mr. Kaye,

I was pleased to read your article about Fritz Leiber, who was my long-time friend and mentor. We met back in the mid-1970's shortly after I began production on my Fafhrd and Gray Mouser short film, on which Fritz kindly served as advisor.

Leiber's was indeed one of our top fantasy and science fiction writers, and a man of great heart and sensitivity, qualities which are evident in his stories.


David Russell
Concept and Storyboard Artist/Writer

Mr. Kaye,
Thanks so much for all your hard work. I could not tell which side of the road the sign was on and drove into the Eastham mercantile exit instead of entrance; so I sang all the way into the parking just to be safe.

It has been quite a while since You commented on all the requests for the third Masters of Solitude novel. Several fans have suggested that they, (myself included) would pay $100 to $500 to read the third one. Any interest there?

Hello Mr. Kaye,

I, too, would like to chime in to beg that you consider finishing the Solitude trilogy. Perhaps a grassroots kickstarter campaign could raise enough of an advance for you to consider self-publishing (Kindle Direct Publish, maybe?)? I would definitely be willing to contribute to such a worthy cause.

I wonder, if you don't mind publicly saying, how much would need to be raised to convince you to start work?

I believe the first two books are important works of art, but the overall arc of the story is incomplete. Not only that, I just want to know for my own pleasure how it all ends up!!! :-)

Hello Mr. Kaye,

I am about to go mad wondering something that you already know. I'm reading Angels of Darkness: Tales of Troubled and Troubling Women and I came across the story, "Snow," which I liked A LOT. The author, C.H. Sherman, is said to be a stage and screen actor...please, please tell me who this is. I can't find the information anywhere and neither can may others whom I've recruited to help. If you can't tell me, can you point me in the right direction? Thank you, Leigh Purcell
Dear Mr. Purcell,

C. H. Sherman is an author who took a genre writing course I taught at NYU and later became a member of my theatre company, The Open Book. Several of C. H.'s stories have appeared in my anthologies, and I know C. H. was praised for an important role played in the TV series, "Law and Order." I regret that C. H. is very private and has asked me not to reveal any further facts, especially her/his actual name. The only thing I see no harm in mentioning is that C. H. is a former New Yorker now living in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.



You should know that you have had a profound and meaningful impact upon my life. I received Masterpieces of Terror and the Supernatural as a gift some 23 years ago, and subsequently became a dedicated fan of the entire ghost story genre. At one point I had read the anthology so often I found myself reciting the titles and authors, in proper order, while engaged at various tasks. I am haunted, literally, by Jack Snow's Anchor; and I cannot read Godwin's Stroke of Mercy without shedding tears. (Embarassing because I love to read it aloud to people.)

I spent the next 15 years building a library dedicated to the likes of M.R. James, LeFanu. Additionally I penned 50 or so short stories along the same vein when in my 20's.

Somehow, over the past decade, lawschool, engagement in business and experiencing life in general along with children in particular I have fallen away from writing.... but I still love a good ghost tale before bed-time!

I have started a handful of letters of thanks to you over the years; your anthology sparked something that became a central point of my life, ... but here I only leave you a digitally-transmitted-comment. You, sir, deserve much better!

All the best to you!

Scott in Colorado
Dear Mr Kaye,

I was only 8 or 9 when I first put my hands on "The Masters of Solitude". Since english is not my native language, I had to wait a few years. It may surprise you to know that it was the first english book I read, and took me 3 years to finish while I looked up the strange words in dictionary, or got buried in encyclopaeidas for hours -even days- just to read one more page and understand it :) Unbelievable, isn't it?

I have been waiting for the third book for a long time. I hope you will complete this trilogy- and why not put all three in one book when you do it?

Still waiting :


I'll add my voice as well... I'm 32 now (yes, only sightly older than the book itself) and first read my paperback version of Masters of Solitude back in... well, a long time ago. I think high school. My paperback's holding up nicely. It only has three major crease lines on the spine and one harsh fold on the front cover, the paper's gotten to be a nice shade and the red tint to the edges of the pages is holding up nicely. It hasn't lost any pages yet, nor are there any pages or sections stuck back in and the cover side glue is still intact.

It's even in better shape than my paperback of "The Player of Games" by Ian Banks even though I've read "Masters..." many times more.

I actually never realized there was a second book because I never saw or heard of it (very few people I've met know of "Masters...") and I'm going to find it today even if I have to drive an hour or more to find a used book store that still has it. "Masters of Solitude" really meant a lot to me back then and even now.

I'm quite content with the first book being a stand-alone masterpiece but if there's more of the story to be told then I would love to read the conclusion in a final published novel rather than someone's collections of notes and drafts from authors gone by in fifty years from now. So add my voice to the requests for a third novel :)
How nice! Been a fan of your work since I read The Incredible Umbrella in College. By coincidence my parents had a record of a radio show with Basil Rathbone playing Scrooge. He was (of course) fantastic!
Jeff Baker
I can't tell you how important Masters and Wintermind are to me. Let's just say that I would not be the person I am had I not read them both 20+ years ago, and I've also reread them multiple times since then. In fact, living in a hurricane area, when evacuating, they go with me. I'm not taking any chances of losing them. I understand your problem about writing the last part of the Trilogy without a significant advance. I have a suggestion... as others have stated, I too would be more than willing to pay $100 or even more for the story IN ADVANCE! I'm sure others feel the same. This is an important book, as are the two previous... what can we do for you? Please consider setting up a way that we can pay for the book IN ADVANCE... a boxed set would be great, but the third book in any form would be acceptable and greatly appreciated. I don't think the publishers realize how important to how many, this story is.... Thank you,
Lynne Heller ( )
Mr. Kaye,
I have been a big fan of yours since reading the Masters of Solitude when I was 13. I have re-read it several times since, and each time I have found something new. I first read Wintermind in the special holdings section in the library at Michigan State as a sophomore. This book has also held up extremely well with time. Please add me to the list of fans who would love to read the finale of the trilogy.

Jamie Faulk

Just another reader who would love to see a finish to the Singer trilogy. Please!


I was saddened by the notice on the passing of Bill Bonham on your website and the website of Murray State University. I have fond memories of Prof. Bonham with whom I had a class in 1965. My father, J. Albert Tracy, was the Chair of the Speech Department who hired Bill. While I had graduated by the time Bill left the College, I remember how much my father appreciated Bill's exceptional talents as a teacher and as a person and hated to see him leave.

Martin B. Tracy

Mr. Kaye,
I've been an inspired fan of The Masters of Solitude since i was 14 -- it sits on my bookshelf between my 2 other treasured writers Vladimir Nabokov & Gore Vidal. I think you should seriously consider submitting a screenplay version to Joss Whedon -- This is a Joss Whedon movie. I sent an email suggesting he read your novel to his production company Mutant Enemy. You can find the contact info on This would just about make my year. Fingers crossed! Best Wishes and thank you for Singer, he saved my childhood... Regards, Livvy.

Hi Marvin, I have just read The Haunted Single Malt and was surprised to read about my song The Massacre of Glencoe. One slightly pedantic note, the song is written in a major key, no minor chords .. but then again some people might fit the odd one in. Anyway it was a nice surprise and I liked the story, too! Kind regards, Jim Mclean (

Like the website, but would LOVE to see Masters of Solitude completed. Like others, I would pay handsomely for an electronic, simple printed or even handwritten on a napkin version. Give Tor a call again, they seem to be running out of good works to print. Brad Weber

I'm totally impressed by your website. Greetings from a voice from the long past. D. Ossar

Dear Dave! Am thrilled to hear from you! Would love to see you again. Where are you, what are you doing, how can we be in touch? If you still see Bill Handley, send him my fond regards!

I would love to see the story finished for the "Masters of Solitude Series". It is a great story.
Well, what can I say, except that which so many others have iterated before me? Please, Mr Kaye, do not let such a fantastic piece of fiction die such an ignoble death. It has been 35 years since I read Masters, and not until recently that I found the true name of this work. (I read Masters of Solitude while doing National Service, lent the book to someone, and could not remember the name.) The story left THAT much of an impression. I happened upon this site by chance while searching for this work, and lo and behold, there is another book? Wow. But the trilogy is unfinished. Sad day. (OOPs, better make that 25 years!)

"Singer Among the Nightingales" needs to be written. As a Professor of English Literature, I am convinced that the previous two books are more than just great fiction -- they are important literature. Perhaps they haven't been noticed as such yet, but they will in time. For the sake of humanity, please find a small publisher. I would suggest a new-age publisher such as Hampton Roads, or one dedicated to publishing on the margins, such as Ephemera Bound, or a second-tier academic press such as Parlor Press. There are many, many other possibilites. Write it, and I will assign the whole trilogy to be read in various courses. Write it and I will push it at academic conferences, publish articles on it, demonstrate its importance to the world. Literature is the foundation of meaning, not just entertainment. To fail to write this novel would be on par with Descartes incredible failure to invent the Calculus (setting the world back two generations) or the cultural blindness of Durkheim (setting the world back a century). You owe it to the world!

I do like the website, actually. Very easy to navigate and remarkably on point with content geared to headings. Comment - I just discovered Wintermind (several decades after "Masters"). While the working title for the finale is scary, I hope that someone will pick it up soon ~ Baen/Flint perhaps. It's a tale worth concluding, and Arin is a character that calls for follow up. Thanks for your work with Open Book - a vibrant resource. Rick
A while back I was in a Goodwill and was idly perusing a bin of books for sale. I was undertaking a roadtrip to California that same day and wanted something great to read. Suddenly, out of the jumble of Nora Roberts romances and other such unmemorable penny dreadfuls leapt the title, "Devils and Demons". I knew this was the book for me. There are some really great stories within the bindings, but by far my favorite is "The Philosophy of Sebastian Trump or The Art of Outrage". I laughed until I couldn't laugh any more and then I gave the book to my brother to read the story. He also loves it. Thanks so much for putting it in the book!

p.s. Strangely enough, none of my friends appreciate the unique brand of humor the story showcases. Well, their loss.

It is too bad that the publishers are so "out of touch" with science fiction fans. Passing on the final MASTERS OF SOLITUDE story is very short sighted. If you take the typical number of readers represented by the comments here, then you have to multiply these calls for the book by one thousand - do the math TOR. Maybe they could market it as fantasy or magic to sell the number of copies needed to make it "worthwhile". One last thought. Write the book ask your fans to pay $100 for a digital copy of the work ans see if it makes it worth your while. I'd pay $500 if it was available!
Sterling Lanier did not finish his wonderful story of Hiero, leaving the third book unwritten. Please don't follow his lead. Finish the Masters of Solitude trilogy.


Hello, Mr. Kaye, a few months ago I found copies of your books The Masters of Solitude and its sequel in a small store and on a whim I bought them and I'm so glad I did. When I started reading the first book I was truely stunned at what a unique and interesting story it was, I almost didn't read the sequel because the first part of the story was so... perfect? on it's own but I'm glad I did. This is one of the first stories in I can't remember how long that I really became engrossed in - I enjoyed the books, they were stunning. I'm looking forward to reading even more of your work. The Masters of Solitude has become my favorite book of at least the last decade and I'd love to know - would you do the honor of signing my beat up old copy? You've already given so much with your writing but it's something I would treasure for years and years to come. Thanks for your time, Tiffany
Hello, Mr. Kaye, I have 3 of what I think are your best books, I know you did not write them but you selected some of the best stories I have ever read, Masterpieces of Terror and The Unknown, Masterpices of Terror and the Supernatural and Weird Tales. I love these books,I have owned them ever since I was a kid, my dad gave me them to me when I was young. I treasure these books more than any other in my collection. Sincerly, Daniel
Hello, Mister Kaye, My name is Ronny Decuyper and I live in Belgium. In 1983 I read "The Masters of Solitude" (in Dutch translation) and I was stunned! The book was from a friend of mine and recently I could purchase a second hand one in perfect shape. Of course I re-read it in no time even discovering much more detail than 24 years ago. So I started searching the web and found out that it is part of a trilogy. So now I ordered Wintermind and like many other readers I wonder if there is gonna be a part 3? I would be much obliged if you would be so kind to answer to that question. Other readers are welcome too of course. Thank you so much in advance, RD (Belgium)
deer mister kay, I wood like to be a actor and riter if you could teech me how yours truly/pete godwin age 10
An excellent web site! I visit it often! Keep up the good work! --Loay H. Hall, Blackwell, Oklahoma

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